Centennial Grant Funding Available for A5 Clubs

District A5 has received a Centennial Grant of a little over $2,000. Clubs can apply for a portion of this grant for items purchased for Centennial items such as flags, benches and other items for your club centennial projects.

Please send a copy of your invoices for items purchased to Lion Governor Steve Olsen no later than October 31,2017 to qualify for a portion of the funding. No more than 80 percent of an item qualifies. eg. flag cost $50 therefore maximum funding would be no more than $40.

Lion Governor Steve will divide the $2,000 funding among the applications received by October 31st.

I would like to thank the clubs for participating in our Centennial and encourage you to take advantage of this funding that will help your club during our Centennial celebration.

Yours in Lions,

Lion Andy McRae
A5 Centennial Chair