Minnow Lake Lions Fall Clean Up

Twice a year, Lion Keith Argent organizes the Minnow Lake Lions club to do a community clean-up.  Many of our Lions come out to help make our neighborhood a lot cleaner.  We even recruit a few of the new members and family to help out with this task.  Then it’s back to the club house for a luncheon put on by our kitchen Lions.  You may not think that picking up garbage can be fun, but it is when you are a Lions.  The area looks much cleaner now and the Lions are a big part of this.

Minnow Lake Lions OCOF Presentation

The Minnow Lake Lions are proud to be involved with the Backpack and Shoe Program for the children of Minnow Lake.

Besides helping making sandwiches they donated $1,000.00 to the program.

Accepting the cheque are Lynne Ethier and Nicole Jameus (Family Resource Worker)

Minnow Lake Lions – Harvest Time

The Minnow Lake Lions have been growing community gardens at the club house this year. Harvest time is where many of the Lions reap the rewards of their hard work.

Minnow Lake Lions Build Garden Beds





The Minnow Lake Lions club obtained a grant for the City of Sudbury to build garden beds.  This is part of a community initiative open to all organizations that wish to take part.  Minnow Lake Lions Club got enough supplies to build 8 elevated garden beds.  Members started in early May to build the beds.  After the prototype was constructed, the rest quickly were built.  Next came the soil and planting.  It took approximately 100 hours to do all the hard work.  Now with a little help from Mother Nature and club members, we hope to have a bumper crop to help our even more people.  Who knew we had so many “green thumbs” in our club.

Minnow Lake Lions Receive Community Service Award

The Minnow Lake Lions club finally received their Community Service award for volunteerism- group.  This award was given in 2020, but due to co-vid, no presentation was ever done.  The city decided to honour both the 2020 winners along with the 2022 winners in a ceremony this week.  Congratulations to the Minnow Lake Lions for the recognition of their service to their community.

Minnow Lake Lions Clean up Blitz







Minnow Lake Lions had a Clean up Blitz on our adopted road  along Howet Ave in Sudbury which was part of a city wide Cleanup Blitz
9 Minnow Lake Lions Club members and two youth  participated for 2 hours each
They picked up a lot of litter – 8 garbage bags,
After the pickup they returned to the den for a tasty lunch of soup, sandwich. cake and drinks

80th Birthday Celebration at Minnow Lake Lions

Recently the Minnow Lake Lions Club celebrated an 80th birthday for one of their members. Lion Leanne Furchner (the lady in yellow) is shown celebrating with her family and Lions family at their den. It is hard to believe this lovely lady is 80, she sure doesn’t look like it. She is one of the hardest working lions they have in their club.

Minnow Lake 2020


Minnow Lake is a hardworking Lions Club and community partners benefit from those efforts. 2020 was a difficult year, yet Minnow Lake Lions were able to support the Salvation Army in the Christmas appeal by providing Lions to man the Kettles.


2020-2021 DG Lion Anne Dechaine

As your newly inducted A5 District Governor, I offer these few words.
Firstly, a heartfelt thank you for your support. With full dedication I will do my best to
represent all A5 Lions.
During this global pandemic, Einstein’s quote: “In the middle of every difficulties lies
opportunity” resounds. Let us all take this as our challenge this coming year. As we ride
the COVID 19 wave, let us be innovative and creative and let us empower each other
and our clubs to redefine our services. A Lion’s purpose is humanitarian service; much
needed during challenges throughout all times.
Also, 2020 is our year for celebration – 100 years of Canadian service.
Therefore, together, INSPIRIT, as we serve, let us shine even more. Our opportunity rises
in this challenging time.

Minnow Lake – Supporting Seniors During COVID-19

Submitted by: Lion Brenda McLay of Minnow Lake Lions

Funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program in collaboration with United Way Centraide North East Ontario/Nord-est de l’Ontario, the Minnow Lake Lions received a grant to use for assistance to seniors during this pandemic.  The Lions partnered with Our Children Our Future to give out this money to deserving seniors.  A lot of people may not know that many seniors are raising their grandchildren.  When they thought that they were saving for their retirement for 2 people, they now have households of anywhere from 4-9 people and could just use a little bit of help.  The Lions purchased grocery gift cards to give to the senior clients of Our Children Our Future and a few other seniors that the club members knew that just needed a little help.  Thank you to everyone their ongoing support of the seniors in our community.