Lions Foundation of Canada – Seizure Response Dog Guide

Update to the 2017-18 Project – Seizure Response Dog Guide

During the Convention held in Sudbury, the Governor, Lion Steve Olsen was able to report that due to the generosity of the clubs, the District was able to fund, not one, but, two Seizure Response Dog Guides.


My Governor’s project for the year 2017-18 is to be able to purchase a “Seizure
Response Dog Guide” for L.F.C.

There are 6 types of Dog Guides that LFC train. Out of the 6, I have decided to take the seizure response dog guide. These dogs help people who have epilepsy. They are specifically trained to react to a client’s seizure by barking for help, activating an alert system or getting help within a home environment.

As a person with Epilepsy, I know the challenges, the effects and damage that a seizure can cause. I began having seizures at the young age of 6 years old and still do to this day. I’m very fortunate that my seizures are reduced with medication and are nocturnal. This is the reason I have decided to take it on as my Governor’s Project – it touches close to my heart as a person with Epilepsy.

By purchasing a Seizure Response Dog Guide, we can help someone in our District with Epilepsy. However Lions it can’t be done alone, which is why I’m asking you Lions of District A5 to support my Governor’s project.

The sponsorship to purchase a Seizure Response Dog Guide is $10,000.00. Although it is a large amount, I know that TOGETHER WE CAN reach this goal and make a difference in someone’s life with Epilepsy.

In closing, I thank you all in advance for taking the time to consider supporting my Governor’s Project.

Lion Steve Olsen, District Governor A5 2017