Minnow Lake Lions – Harvest Time

The Minnow Lake Lions have been growing community gardens at the club house this year. Harvest time is where many of the Lions reap the rewards of their hard work.

Kirkland Lake Lions Club Arts & Cultural Fair Event







Kirkland Lake Lions joined forces with the KL Community Arts Committee, KL Museum of Northern History and KL Multicultural Group, to host our first year Arts & Cultural Fair, which was a huge success.
Thankful to local sponsors for their support which allowed free gate entry for the community to enjoy the main show, The Resilience Tour. Featuring local and international musicians, dancers and artists.
We were joined by our local classic car club, Road Legend Cruisers, as well as many local musicians that blessed us by performing half hour shows for the afternoon. Free inflatables were available, after the main show, for the families to enjoy while listening to the stage shows. Amazing day.
One special attraction was the Dunk Tank, our Lion Jim Malherbe was eager to sit on the hot seat and was a great sport for volunteering to be dunked.
In the group pic, from left to right Lions: Jeanette Foy, Jeanne Cloutier, Jen DeLenardo, Stella Malherbe, Jim Malherbe, Shanea Smith and Julia Spadetto-Forward. Manning our Sweet Treats tent where we featured Lions Tails (our version of a beaver tail but WAY BETTER, lol), cotton candy and homemade butter tarts! Of course, the sweets are always a huge hit! Also the perfect opportunity to market our Cotton Candy cart that we have available to rent in our community.

A5 Quilt Draw Winner Dubreuilville Lions Club

A5 Quilt Draw Winner Dubreuilville Lions










As part of our A5 convention, the committee came up with a new idea. Each club was asked to send in a patch to make an A5 quilt. The patch was to represent the uniqueness of each individual club in our district. What started out as an idea, became a beautiful symbol of our district. Pictured here are the Dubreuilville Lions who’s club won the quilt. DG Carmen Portelance personally delivered the prize and even managed to let go of it. Dubreuilville does not have a clubhouse, so they have decided to let each member take the quilt for a day to their homes. Once everyone has had a chance to show off the quilt, there will be draw and one lucky member will get to keep the quilt. This is a beautiful legacy of A5 and the pride we all take in our northern District.

Sault Ste Marie Lions Club Present Lions Quest Canada School Certificate

St. Paul Catholic School Received Lions Quest Canada School Certificate








On behalf of Principal Linda Rochetta-Legacy, Vice Principal Allison Vance, St. Paul Catholic School, is presented a Lions Quest Canada School Certificate by Sault Ste. Marie Lions members: Past President Jim Russell and District A-5 Second Vice Governor David Kidd.

Lions Quest Canada is a PreK to Grade 12 Educational Program specifically designed for educators and focuses upon the healthy social-emotional development of our youth. This year the District A-5 Lions Organization provided over $19,000 worth of Lions Club International Foundation funding for approximately 50 educators to receive Lions Quest Canada SEL training and educational resources. The Sault Ste. Marie Lions Club has been very active in helping to roll out this District A-5 Grant opportunity to educators within the city and area.

Special congratulations to St. Paul Catholic School as 23 of its staff chose to participate in this special training, receiving over $8,000 worth of Lions funding to do so. Way to go, St. Paul Catholic School! Way to go, Sault Ste. Marie Lions Club!

Lion Hedi and Tinky at Information Booth for Sault Ste Marie Lions Club

Lion Hedi and her canine vision dog Tinky were manning the table at the Lions Club Information Booth held at the Station Mall in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. An important part of Lions nowadays is to get the word out about Lions and our projects that we do. Lion Hedi got to educate people about canine vision and the great work that the Lions do. Good work Sault Ste. Marie Lions.

District A5 Donation to Camp Huronda

In the top picture from left to right is A5 Diabetes Chair Lion Blaine Lachance, A5 District Governor Lion Carmen Portelance, Telethon Chairman Lion Sam Khoury, Telethon Co-Chair Lion Bob Lachance, Lion Jeanne Lachance
District A5 Lions has always been a big supporter of Camp Huronda, one of the Diabetes camps in Ontario.  Many of our clubs are also big supporters of the CTV Lions Children’s Christmas Telethon.  When the clubs found out that Camp Huronda needed major repairs after 2 years being shut down, our Telethon stepped up to the plate.  To support the children in our area that attend the camp, the Telethon made a donation of $10,000.00 to help with much needed repairs.  Congratulations to all of the telethon supporters and Lions clubs for their generous support.

Minnow Lake Lions Build Garden Beds





The Minnow Lake Lions club obtained a grant for the City of Sudbury to build garden beds.  This is part of a community initiative open to all organizations that wish to take part.  Minnow Lake Lions Club got enough supplies to build 8 elevated garden beds.  Members started in early May to build the beds.  After the prototype was constructed, the rest quickly were built.  Next came the soil and planting.  It took approximately 100 hours to do all the hard work.  Now with a little help from Mother Nature and club members, we hope to have a bumper crop to help our even more people.  Who knew we had so many “green thumbs” in our club.

Lions Thank Estaire Wanup Volunteer Firefighters

Lions Club of Sudbury Support Volunteer Fire Service

The Lions Club of Sudbury recognized the Estaire Wanup Volunteer Fire Department for their bravery and dedication to assisting and serving your community and the people who live there.

President Lion Gerry Corby and member Lion Sandra Del-Pivo Sauve attended the fire department to present them with a $1,000 cheque from the club.

One of the members of the Lions Club of Sudbury has a cottage off one of the roads covered by the Estaire Wanup Volunteer Fire Department. They were able to see first hand, the efforts of the small fire department, to save the homes in that area as well as assisting the MNR battle hundreds of acres of bush fires that flared up a couple of weeks prior. While the MNR fought from the air, the fire department had their pumps at the ready for use at ground level.

When the topic of new business came up, another member brought forward that a donation should be made to the Estaire Wanup volunteer fire service. This is a volunteer service. As part of our community service, it was imperative to ensure those who stand for us are able to going forward.

What the service has done in the past, is currently doing and will do in the future deserves to be recognized. We commend you for your bravery and dedication to assisting and serving your community and the people who live there.

Valley East Lions Roadside Clean Up & Lions Park Clean Up

It’s that time of year again.  Co-vid restrictions have been loosened and everyone is out cleaning the streets.  The Valey East Lions Club did their road blitz and park clean up. “A GIANT ROAR goes out to the Valley East Lions Club members who volunteered their time to the Greater City of Sudbury Roadside Clean Up BLITZ and Lions Park Clean UP!! Missing in the picture are Lion Gerry and Lion Jean. I wonder if they got “bagged” by mistake.