Walden Lions Club Food Drive

“What an absolutely incredible evening! The Walden community has done us proud and the food bank is overflowing! Sending a huge shout-out to all the planners, volunteers, the 20+ teams who canvassed 70+ streets and to all of the generous people in our community!

The weather was perfect and the teams knocked on every door they could get to! We even got to streets that weren’t originally on the list! It was so empowering to see all these young athletes out there supporting the community that cheers them on at every game.

The Walden community came together! #WaldenProud

Thank you to everyone who donated their time, food and all cash donations. The Walden Food Bank volunteers were extremely thankful!”

Kirkland Lake Lions Branch

Thank you to all that made our day a success!
Approx. 200lbs dry/ canned in donations!
+ $100.20 generous cash donations!
+ $500 from our club = tremendous support!
Thank you to CJ’s Drive In for your kind hearts in supporting this event & the foodbank! Couldn’t do it without you! XO
We sure missed the whole gang of Road Legend Cruisers and the energy they bring with them. Thank you to those that were able to come and you ladies, spectacular outfits!
Congrats to the draw winners:
Coca-cola sign, W. Blakey
Cola glasses, Jason Riddell
Charcuterie board, Julie Reimillard!


Minnow Lake Lions – Harvest Time

The Minnow Lake Lions have been growing community gardens at the club house this year. Harvest time is where many of the Lions reap the rewards of their hard work.

Kirkland Lake Lions Club Arts & Cultural Fair Event







Kirkland Lake Lions joined forces with the KL Community Arts Committee, KL Museum of Northern History and KL Multicultural Group, to host our first year Arts & Cultural Fair, which was a huge success.
Thankful to local sponsors for their support which allowed free gate entry for the community to enjoy the main show, The Resilience Tour. Featuring local and international musicians, dancers and artists.
We were joined by our local classic car club, Road Legend Cruisers, as well as many local musicians that blessed us by performing half hour shows for the afternoon. Free inflatables were available, after the main show, for the families to enjoy while listening to the stage shows. Amazing day.
One special attraction was the Dunk Tank, our Lion Jim Malherbe was eager to sit on the hot seat and was a great sport for volunteering to be dunked.
In the group pic, from left to right Lions: Jeanette Foy, Jeanne Cloutier, Jen DeLenardo, Stella Malherbe, Jim Malherbe, Shanea Smith and Julia Spadetto-Forward. Manning our Sweet Treats tent where we featured Lions Tails (our version of a beaver tail but WAY BETTER, lol), cotton candy and homemade butter tarts! Of course, the sweets are always a huge hit! Also the perfect opportunity to market our Cotton Candy cart that we have available to rent in our community.

Callander Lions Family Fun Day












Wow what a day!  Callander’s recent family fun day was a huge success.  The town held the celebration with many vendors and attractions, including the Callander Lions.  The Lions operated a food both selling french fries, hot dogs and ice cold drinks.  On the day of the event, the temperature hovered around 37 degrees celcius (for those of you that don’t know how hot that is, try 98 degrees Fahrenheit).   The volunteer Lions worked in this heat over fryer and grills to raise money to help out in their community.  Lion Claire handled the fryer, Lion Debbra and Gail served the food, Lion Julie (from Capreol) handled the grill and Lions Brenda and Linda (of Coniston) handled taking the orders and money.  We sold out of fries and many drinks before the afternoon was over.
As special thanks to Lion Julie and Lion Lynda for coming out to help out the small club in order to run this event.


Callander Lions 50/50 Winner






Callander Lions held a 50/50 draw recently. This was so successful that they are planning on having more of these draws in the future. The winner of the draw for $500.00 is Rosalie Torcotte of Callander. Congratulations to our winner. Don’t spend it all in one place.

Ferris Lions Donation to the North Bay Scouts



Ferris Lions of North Bay would like to give a big thank you to the North Bay Scouting group for all their help in their Annual Tag Day. This group of 18 Scouters will be participating at the Jamboree in Helsinki, Finland along with 14-15,000 other scouters. This donation is just a little help to get them on their way. Good luck to the Scouts on this big adventure.


Ferris Lions Dog Guide Meeting





Ferris Lions club was very pleased to welcome Virginia Elliot to their Lions meeting. Virginia lives in the North Bay district and is a new recipient of a Guide Dog from the Oakville Dog Guide School.  She gave an interesting talk about her experience.  Virginia Elliot is hearing impaired and was on the list for a dog for four years.  She attended the school for seven weeks where they assessed her needs and she was matched up with her dog “Morley”. The Lions Guide Dog Foundation of Canada trains dogs for seven types of impairments.

The first Dog recipient from North Bay was in 1980.  Lion Omer Lebland had to go to US Guide Dog foundation in Rochester, New York where he was paired up with a dog.  As an interesting tidbit, that dog was from a line of dogs from President Ford.