Schumacher Lions Rally in support of Seizure and Brain Injury Centre

The Schumacher Lions Club hosted the Lions Zone Rally on Saturday, March 11, where the Club donated $1,000 to the Seizure and Brain Injury Centre, the charity chosen by Lions District Governor Bob Beaven. Members of Lions Clubs from around Northeastern Ontario came to the Schumacher Lions’ Den for the rally, including Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Valley East, Kirkland Lake, Minnow Lake and Charlton-Englehart. Presenting the cheque are, from left, Schumacher Lions Zone Chair Pete Martel, Beaven and Schumacher Lions President Dan Ansara.

A5 Quilt Draw Winner Dubreuilville Lions Club

A5 Quilt Draw Winner Dubreuilville Lions










As part of our A5 convention, the committee came up with a new idea. Each club was asked to send in a patch to make an A5 quilt. The patch was to represent the uniqueness of each individual club in our district. What started out as an idea, became a beautiful symbol of our district. Pictured here are the Dubreuilville Lions who’s club won the quilt. DG Carmen Portelance personally delivered the prize and even managed to let go of it. Dubreuilville does not have a clubhouse, so they have decided to let each member take the quilt for a day to their homes. Once everyone has had a chance to show off the quilt, there will be draw and one lucky member will get to keep the quilt. This is a beautiful legacy of A5 and the pride we all take in our northern District.

When reaching the president, Lion Martin Bergeron, he was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t wait to share the news with his club.
We would like to thank all who participated in some way or another like providing a square for the quilt representing their club, buying raffle tickets, selling extra tickets, and especially reading all my emails…LOL
The quilt committee and I would like to give a very special thank you to Cindy Bee’s Quilt Shoppe in Espanola for sponsoring this project and going the extra mile to get this piece of history finished on time for us.
Finally, I would like to thank the quilt committee to have agreed to take on this big project with me and creating such a beautiful quilt… I’m very humbled by the whole experience.
Again, thank you all!
Lion Annie Chartrand 😊
History quilt chairperson

Region 17 Rally

Another successful Region Rally for Region 17 in District A5. Given the area that A5 covers, it is not easy for all clubs even in a region to get together. I am proud to say that the Region Rallies are one exception. The rally was well attended at the Bonfield Lions Club . Clubs got to meet the candidates and get their pictures taken with our District Governor, Lion Carmen Portelance and the co-vid Lion. We also had several Past District Governor’s attend this meeting to support the clubs and the elections. Another very successful Rally held by Region 17.

2020-2021 DG Lion Anne Dechaine

As your newly inducted A5 District Governor, I offer these few words.
Firstly, a heartfelt thank you for your support. With full dedication I will do my best to
represent all A5 Lions.
During this global pandemic, Einstein’s quote: “In the middle of every difficulties lies
opportunity” resounds. Let us all take this as our challenge this coming year. As we ride
the COVID 19 wave, let us be innovative and creative and let us empower each other
and our clubs to redefine our services. A Lion’s purpose is humanitarian service; much
needed during challenges throughout all times.
Also, 2020 is our year for celebration – 100 years of Canadian service.
Therefore, together, INSPIRIT, as we serve, let us shine even more. Our opportunity rises
in this challenging time.