Walden Lions Club Food Drive

“What an absolutely incredible evening! The Walden community has done us proud and the food bank is overflowing! Sending a huge shout-out to all the planners, volunteers, the 20+ teams who canvassed 70+ streets and to all of the generous people in our community!

The weather was perfect and the teams knocked on every door they could get to! We even got to streets that weren’t originally on the list! It was so empowering to see all these young athletes out there supporting the community that cheers them on at every game.

The Walden community came together! #WaldenProud

Thank you to everyone who donated their time, food and all cash donations. The Walden Food Bank volunteers were extremely thankful!”

Walden Lions Team Up With the Sudbury Police SPYDR Program

Walden Lions supporting the SPYDR program








The Walden Lions teamed up with the Sudbury Police to help youth in our area by supporting the “SPYDR” program.  Sudbury Police Youth Dirt Riders aka SPYDR is a free mountain bike program for youth ages 12-17. Some biking experience is required to join the team of riders. Youth are referred by Greater Sudbury Police Services members or other community partners/agencies. The criteria for a referral is a youth deserving and in need of an opportunity to participate in a free athletic activity while interacting with police in a positive environment. Some have been identified as having more risk factors than protective factors and most if not all would not normally have this kind of opportunity.


The program runs for 8 weeks throughout the summer beginning in July and ending in August. This program is run by School Resource officers, youth safety coordinators and historically has been open to anyone within the service who wished to participate on their own time and volunteer.


Some of the learning opportunities are as follows- but not limited to: proper bike inspection & maintenance, introduction to bike components, rules of the road, riding abilities, bike repairs, team building and an opportunity to build self-confidence. It is about respect for themselves, others, and their property and others. Throughout the program, our police mentors provide opportunities to discuss healthy positive decision making.


Another great way that the Lions are helping youth in our communitee.