Dining in the Dark

October 20, 2018


Members of the Bruce Mines & District Lions Club hosted a “Dining in the Dark and Dessert Auction at the Bruce Mines Community Hall. Over 80 people attended and enjoyed a great Chicken Cordon Bleu dinner with all the trimmings. Representatives from the CNIB and local Food Bank assisted in the venture.

There was a slight twist added to the evening’s meal.  The meal had to be eaten completely blindfolded to simulate what it is like for vision-impaired people on a daily basis. Each table had an assigned server to assist in telling you where your juice glass was and where the pitcher of juice was located so you could reach it and pour your own juice, where each item on your plate was located, etc. It was a great learning experience for everyone who participated. As a precaution, coffee was not served until after the meal and blindfolds had been removed.

Following the completion of the meal, the second highlight of the evening took place. A Dessert Auction, conducted by local Auctioneer – Michael Peever.  His auctioneering talents and sense of humour added to the entertainment for the evening.  The many, beautifully decorated and tempting pastries were donated by members of the Lions Club and caring citizens of the community. Winners of the auction items then shared their winnings with those who were less fortunate.

All in all, it was a great evening; the excellent food and great entertainment ensured a good time was had by all. Proceeds from the event were shared by the CNIB and the Bruce Mines Food Bank.