Two Sisters from Bruce Mines Lions Celebrate 40 Years as Lions

Yes you read the title correctly, not one but two sisters have recently celebrated their 40th year as Lions.  These two members are from Bruce Mines Lions club, at town of less than 600 residents, is still a vibrant active club in their community.  

The awards were presented by Zone Chair 31 Wst, Lion Debra Kidd (centre) pictured here with Lion Carol Ricard (left) and Lion Mary Lou Belisle (right).  What a way for family to share their love of community and volunteering.  Looking forward to many more years ladies.

North Bay Lions Serving in Their Community

As one of our international causes, many of the clubs of A5 collect used eyeglasses to send to 3rd world countries.  The North Bay Lions club was busy packing up some of these glasses to send to Sudbury which are then sent by pallet to our Canadian shipper to send overseas.  This is a vital service as many of the people receiving these glasses have never had a pair in their lives.

Pictured left to right Lions Ellen Thibeault, Kim Ransom, Sharon Fleguel, Debra Armstrong and Glenda Chappelle.



Another important fundraiser that the North Bay Lions are proud to be a part of is the Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie campaign.  All of the funds raised go back to local charities and non-profits such as the Lions clubs and telethons.  Some of the members putting the finishing touches on dozens and dozens of cookies are Lions Ellen Thibeault, Barry Fitzgerald, Frank Perras, Bonnie Fitzgerald, Kim Ransom, and Sharon Fleguel.  What a great job Lions.

New Liskeard Lions Receive Citizen of the Year Award

New Liskeard Lions Club is the recipient of the Citizen of the Year award from CJTT FM radio.  The Lions were recognized due to their continuing commitment to their community.  Where there is a need, there is a Lion, and the New Liskeard club if the definition of these words.  Congratulations for all of your hard work year round that you do for your community.  You truly do exemplify our motto, “WE SERVE”.

Picture indicates back row from left:

Lion Alf O’Reilly, Lion Rod Brunett, Lion Patrick Smits, Lion Rory Moore, Lion Bill Brookfield, LionPatrick Lafond, Nominee Christal Lafond.

Front row, From reft President Lion Manju Dangalle CJTT Director Operations Elizabeth Allen, Lion Ron Sutton, Lion Eric Campsall, Lion David Lowe.

Garson Lions Awards to Special Club Members

Wow, has it been that long since Lion Mark Andrews joined the Lions.  The year is 1973.  George Foreman defeats Joe Frazier to win the heavyweight world championship, London Bridge was officially opened, Pink Floyd’s album “Dark Side of the Moon” was released, Billie Jean King defeats Bobby Briggs in the battle of the sexes tennis match, Bruce Lee dies and Lion Mark Andrews became a Lion.  Congratulations on 50 years of serving your community.  We all love you.

Lion President Jack Balliargeon, Lion Mark and Zone Chair Lion Brenda Lalonde

Lion President Jack Balliargeon and Lion Alde

The Schumacher Lions Club Took Part In IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s

For volunteers with the Schumacher Lions Club, supporting a great community cause is a walk in the park.

The Club was a gold level sponsor for the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s on Saturday, May 25 at Hollinger Park in Timmins. The Club donated $1,000 to obtain the gold sponsorship level.

Volunteers set up a tent in the park on the rainy morning, which was perfect for serving up Tim Hortons coffee, tea, Timbits and muffins to participants and spectators. Lions Club members also took part in the walk, including several with individual sponsor sheets to further help the cause.

The idea for sponsorship was first raised by new Lion Brian Green, who works for IG Wealth Management. Like many other fellow Lions, the cause hits close to home. Many members have family or friends who have struggled with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

All funds raised at the event are used by the Timmins-Porcupine District Alzheimer’s Society for local programs and support services.

From left are Lions Eric Beauchamp, Wayne Snider, Mike Charette, Mark Barkel, Don Gagnon and President Danny Ansara.


Schumacher Lions Eric Beauchamp, left, and President Danny Ansara didn’t let the rain bother them at the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s on May 25 in Timmins

A5 Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

The New Liskeard Lions have once again been selling their Lion’s Easter Bunnies.  These delicious milk chocolate bunnies are a fundraiser for Lions once a year.   Since co-vid, when we did “Bunny drop offs” on doorsteps, the Lions are once again out in the community to sell their chocolate goodies.  These tasty treats were sold at the Riverside Place farmers market in New Liskeard.

Pictured: President Lion Manju Dangalle and Lion Patrick Lafond

Schumacher Lions Club’s 76th Spring Sportsman Show

It’s an annual sign that summer is just around the corner in the Timmins area.

The 76th edition of the Schumacher Lions Club Spring Sportsman Show was held April 27 and 28 at the McIntyre Arena and Curling Club.

Lion Treasurer John McCauley has been chairing the event for the past 17 shows. He reported the event raised about $43,000 for the club this year. In all, about 7,000 people came through the McIntyre Community Centre complex this year for the show.

It was all hands on deck for volunteers from the club, who worked diligently to set up, host and clean up after the popular community event.

For part of the Saturday, we had student volunteers do a survey of paid attendees. This was divided into home base regions. There were 233 people who came to our show from Sudbury or North Bay. There were more than 1,500 from outside the Timmins area. The reason? Ours is the premier sportsman show in the North. Also, vendors from out of town spent three nights in Timmins.

Sadie the red-tailed hawk swoops over the heads of the audience during the Birds of Prey Show during the Schumacher Lions Club Spring Sportsman Show.
Lions Rachelle and Guy Kingsbury get ready for the opening of the box office for the Schumacher Spring Sportsman Show.
A few of the arena section of the Schumacher Lions Club Spring Sportsman Show. Vendors also filled the curling club and curling club’s lounge areas during the event.

Welcome Kirkland Lake Lions Club

After 5 long years of hard work, the Kirkland Lake Lions have progressed from a branch club to a full-fledged Lions club. What a journey of hard work and dedication and isn’t that what Lions are all about.
It all started in 2018 when then District Governor Lion Verner Presse and 3 other PDG’s went door to door to find interested persons in getting a Lions club re-started in their area. The original Lions club closed in 2009 and the community hasn’t had a Lions presence since.
Let’s walk with these Lions while they made their journey from branch to full club. In the 2018/2019 year, the club had 9 members and were a branch to the Charlton-Englehart club. One of the first things the Kirkland Lake Club did was to help clean up a local grocery store so that they could re-open after a fire. As a thank you, the store donated baskets to the Lions for their 1st fundraiser, tickets on a draw. They also gave the Lions the space to sell the tickets. The club also manned the kettles for the Salvation
Army at Christmas.
In February of 2019, they hosted their first Family Day event in conjunction with the Winter Carnival. They wanted to revive the memories they had as children growing up in the north. It was the coldest week of February in years!
From late 2019 to early 2021, the club gained in numbers and they inched their way up to 13 club members. During this time came the dreaded shutdowns and unprecedented worldly events called Covid. Thanks to modern technology, they managed to keep in touch with members by hosting meetings online and good old Facebook chat groups. They also had a great idea to keep engaged with the community by hosting online events.
One such event was called “Social Isolation Distraction”, in which they purchased $50.00 grocery gift cards and held draws from Facebook posts.
An example of that was to nominate someone you felt went above and beyond for others. The community loved the distraction and this gave them something good to talk about.
Another event was the online Stuff-A-Bear for a Kid fundraiser. Using advertising on their Facebook page, people could sponsor a stuffed bear that went to North Eastern Ontario Family and Children’s Services children.
They had a total of 100 sponsors sign up to provide bears to kids. The local senior residencies, TPR and Extendicare, came on board. The seniors had a project to stuff and dress the stuffed animals that were purchased.
They also hosted their first Trade-A-Can for a Cone fundraiser. Joining forces with CJ’s Drive In and our local car club, The Road Legends Cruisers, they raised just under $500, along with a truck bed full of food for the Salvation Army Food Bank.
Climbing out of 2021, the Lions were at 15 members and moving into 2022, they rose to 17 members. So close yet still so far away. During 2022, the club was fortunate to have many hands that came along with the new members, to which they were able to create sub-committees to run some great fundraisers, such as Breakfast with the Easter Bunny.
THEN IN DECEMBER 2022, they swore in 3 new members. THEY DID IT!! 20 Members!! MAKING IT OFFICIAL!! As of March 2023, the Kirkland Lake Lions Club officially became the newest club in District A5. Due to other obligations, they decided to celebrate their charter night in October 2023.
This amazing club has had a long journey, but the trip has been worth the effort. The Kirkland Lake Lions are an inspiration to all of Lions in their determination to become a club and make a difference in their community.
Congratulations Kirkland Lake Lions.

Espanola Lions Help With Life Saving Research

The Espanola Lions found out that a little girl in their town was diagnosed with Pompe Disease.  Until they found out about this child, many had never heard of this disease.  Pompe disease is a genetic condition in which a complex sugar called glycogen builds up in the lysosomes of your body’s cells. The disease occurs when you lack a specific digestive enzyme called acid alpha-glucosidase (GAA). The condition causes severe muscle weakness and wasting. Without early detection and treatment, the disease can be fatal.  The club decided to do a fund raiser to help with the research being done at Duke Health Rare Disease Centre at Duke University in the US.  This facility is a leading researcher for Pompe Disease and has make many breakthroughs in early detection and treatment to improve the lives of those with this disease.
The Espanola Lions held a fundraising BBQ to raise awareness and money for this research.  Due to the generosity of the people of Espanola, they raised $5000.00 to donate for further research.  Once again…..small town HUGE HEART.

Minnow Lake Lions Fall Clean Up

Twice a year, Lion Keith Argent organizes the Minnow Lake Lions club to do a community clean-up.  Many of our Lions come out to help make our neighborhood a lot cleaner.  We even recruit a few of the new members and family to help out with this task.  Then it’s back to the club house for a luncheon put on by our kitchen Lions.  You may not think that picking up garbage can be fun, but it is when you are a Lions.  The area looks much cleaner now and the Lions are a big part of this.