Sault Ste Marie Lions Club & Lions Quest Program



The first 3 photos are in relation to the Sault Ste Marie Lions Club presenting a Lions Quest Information Booth during Children’s Mental Health Week, at the invitation of Algoma Public Health. In the first photo, the members present are President Cheryl Pavoni, Lions Quest District Chair Barb Perry, Carrie Jones of Social Services and Lion Kim Carter, Lions Quest Team.  The third photo includes two of our Lions Club members: Lion Meagan Grisdale and Lion Trevor Fisher.
The fourth photo is of a current Sault Ste Marie grade 4 classroom that has embraced the Lions Quest Program

Minnow Lake Lions Clean up Blitz







Minnow Lake Lions had a Clean up Blitz on our adopted road  along Howet Ave in Sudbury which was part of a city wide Cleanup Blitz
9 Minnow Lake Lions Club members and two youth  participated for 2 hours each
They picked up a lot of litter – 8 garbage bags,
After the pickup they returned to the den for a tasty lunch of soup, sandwich. cake and drinks

When reaching the president, Lion Martin Bergeron, he was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t wait to share the news with his club.
We would like to thank all who participated in some way or another like providing a square for the quilt representing their club, buying raffle tickets, selling extra tickets, and especially reading all my emails…LOL
The quilt committee and I would like to give a very special thank you to Cindy Bee’s Quilt Shoppe in Espanola for sponsoring this project and going the extra mile to get this piece of history finished on time for us.
Finally, I would like to thank the quilt committee to have agreed to take on this big project with me and creating such a beautiful quilt… I’m very humbled by the whole experience.
Again, thank you all!
Lion Annie Chartrand 😊
History quilt chairperson

Region Lions Leadership Institute

District A5 made history recently. Normally the Leadership training course is held each year a MDA for the districts. One or two Lions from each district attend to learn more about Lionism and how to be a more effective leader. This year, District Governor Lion Carmen Portelance approached MDA with a different idea, to have a Regional Lions Leadership Institute by Zoom for the members of District A5. So for two Saturdays in April, Lions met by Zoom to learn more about becoming a leader and about each other. With attendance at 25 Lions from across Northern Ontario plus trainers, this was a very successful training session and a first for MDA. Thank you to PCC Tim Yeung and his team for putting this together.

Region 17 Rally

Another successful Region Rally for Region 17 in District A5. Given the area that A5 covers, it is not easy for all clubs even in a region to get together. I am proud to say that the Region Rallies are one exception. The rally was well attended at the Bonfield Lions Club . Clubs got to meet the candidates and get their pictures taken with our District Governor, Lion Carmen Portelance and the co-vid Lion. We also had several Past District Governor’s attend this meeting to support the clubs and the elections. Another very successful Rally held by Region 17.

Paddles to Help Ukraine

“We Serve” are two little words that mean the world to Lions. Lion John Marcil was stirred to action with the conflict in Ukraine. He spent 100 hours in creating and painting 10 paddles. He then accepted one hundred $10.00 donations for a chance to win 1 of 10 paddles. It only took 22 hours on Facebook to raise $1000.00 in donations. Monies raised were sent to LCIF for Ukrainian relief efforts. One small action can make the world of difference.

Onaping Falls Lions Club Induct 8 New Members

The Onaping Falls Lions is at it again. With the lifting of co-vid restrictions, they decided to celebrate their “comeback” in a big way. They held an induction ceremony to bring in another 8 new members to their club, two of these new members are graduates from the Leos Club. In total, the club has added 16 new members to their ranks. You may not think that is a large number, but to a District that has clubs ranging from 6-45 members each, this is a huge deal. Also pictured here is the Leo’s mascot, 5 year old Ellie who is planning to become a Leo as soon as she is old enough. Our future District Governor, in a few years. Congratulations to Onaping Falls Lions on winning the District A5 Membership Growth award for all of your hard work bringing in new members.

Lion Janice Carr-Jolkowski, secretary of the Charlton-Englehart Lions Club made a Lions quilt for Lion Andy Poupore. Hidden in the main stitching is inspirational wording to him with his name. This was made as a reminder to Lion Andy how much he is loved and appreciate by his fellow Lions during his recovery from recent illness. President Lion Noreen Lenart made the Lions logos for the corners. PS if you go to visit Lion Andy, you can’t sit on the quilt, it is too special.

Valley East Lions Club Present Donation

The Valley East Lions Club presented a donation cheque to La Place Desbonsamis to assist them in planning social activities. This is a non-profit housing organization that is located in the Valley East area.

80th Birthday Celebration at Minnow Lake Lions

Recently the Minnow Lake Lions Club celebrated an 80th birthday for one of their members. Lion Leanne Furchner (the lady in yellow) is shown celebrating with her family and Lions family at their den. It is hard to believe this lovely lady is 80, she sure doesn’t look like it. She is one of the hardest working lions they have in their club.