Safety for this Easter Weekend

Happy Easter weekend everyone! We’re only a week away from what would have been the start of the District A5 Convention. It’s hard to believe that it’s not going to happen.

Normally our clubs would be hard at work, providing service, fundraising for causes, having meetings, etc., but that all came to a grinding halt and in the foreseeable, there won’t be any activities that encourage gatherings. Even news casts are done with participants sitting some distance from one another.

This is important Lions. You must stay safe. Your life may depend on it! There is much work for us to do and there will be when this state of emergency has passed. We need to be healthy to get those jobs done later. Unfortunately, encouraging Lions to go out and check on people, would be irresponsible at this time.

There are some clubs that have been able to provide a level of service during this time of need, but, they have done so in conjunction the Public Health Service requirements. Their process has been rigorous and they are being extremely cautious to safe guard them selves and those that are depending on their service.