Visiting Clubs Trio

Temagami Lions Club and the Hudson Lions Club pay the Charlton Englehart Lions a visit on the same meeting night.  Northern clubs have significant distances to travel to visit other clubs.  To make the distances more agreeable, some of these clubs have created “The Travelling Lion”.  One club  “kidnaps” a Lion and takes it back to their club.  Each of the clubs has to visit the club holding the Lion and try to return it to their den.

Temagami Lions were in Charlton Englehart to free their Lion only to find out it was not there.  The Hudson Lions were there to let Charlton Englehart Lions know that they were the ones holding the Lion.  A visit and a great time was had by all – next stop, Hudson Lions club to retrieve their Lion.

Hudson Lions- Lions Elva, Tom, Bill, Marilyn, Bev, Vic and Charlton Englehart President Lion Rhonda
Temagami Lions- President Lion Brian Koski, Lion Jane Dougall, Charlton-Englehart President Lion Rhonda McCallum and Lion Mike Duhn

Charlton Englehart Lions- Secretary, Lion Noreen Lenart, President, Lion Rhonda McCallum, and Lion Bill Balmateer, treasurer.